Food Surfing’s donation in Food Bank

The company Food Surfing proceeded to offer jams of Jam & Jelly in  Food Bank. Knowing the needs of society, we wanted to give our message of love. In consultation with Mr. Neda Dimitri shipped 210 pcs jams of Jam & Jelly. On December 14, 2016 42 companies (with us), offered their products. More than 90 companies offered their products, which covered needs of 144 soup kitchens.

The institution of the Food Bank began in America in 1967. On a trip to the US, Gerasimos Vassilopoulos learned about it and returning decided to set up a Food Bank in Greece. Establishing, ultimately, at his own expense 21 years ago, the “endowed”, built warehouses, refrigerators and motivated colleagues who framed the first board. Thus, except term food, they can accommodate and milk and vegetables.

The Food Bank, since 1995, has been cooperating with all the large food production and marketing companies, and is also supported by SEVT. With the use of the proper software, it fully records all of the donations that the Food Bank receives and offers in selected rations and foundations, having the full picture of all the redistribution. It develops specific initiatives and voluntary actions, in cooperation with companies and other bodies, informing about its work and multiplying the benefits towards the society.


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