The goal of Food Surfing Ltd is the production of excellent quality jams and spreads, all made with the best possible way. The selection of raw material is our primary thought. Everything is selected meticulously and no compromise is made in pursuing the best.


People strive to improve the quality of their lives on a daily basis. Some people use money as a way to benchmark quality, but we at Food Surfing Ltd believe the best indicator is the amount of time you spend with friends and family enjoying special moments. Sweet flavors of fruit spreads and salty flavors of olive, tomato and garlic spreads enrich our daily meals with nutrients and simplify our daily routine in the search of new combinations.

Newly established and dynamic, Food Surfing Ltd. offers fresh ideas from production to customer service. We expect our jams and spreads to nourish families for the long-term and because of that, we consider relationships with our customers to be top priority.

We don´t only expect excellence from our raw ingredients. We consider excellence and domain knowledge key attributes of our staff and collaborators. Each person that touches the process has excelled in his or her specialty and when you put those unique individuals together you can see the team effort to create and present delicious and nutritious products is unparalleled. We have a portfolio of nutritional products and are gradually developing additional products.

Our faith in the institutionalized evaluation and in the continuous improvement of food production and management along with our effort to optimize the resource management process, are confirmed by unimpeachable criteria.

Our company owns the certificate of integrated food safety management system and ISO 22000, as foreseen by Greek and international legislation.

The original recipes and the indicated way to prepare all types of jams of our company emerged after documented scientific research conducted by the Biosystems Engineering Department of the Technological Institution of Thessaly. We have ensured the safety and health of consumers, providing the necessary expertise and responsibility.