Apricot Extra Jam Veloute

I left for the office, in a hurry in the morning. I will find everything in the place where I left it. The thought of settling alone exhausts me. For one thing I'm happy. Your favorite Jam and Jelly FOR KIDS apricot, I won't have to move it. It's on our table all day.

Apricot Extra Jam for Kids

Apricot Extra Jam

Composed of at least 65g of fruit per 100g of jam.
Total sugar content 67g per 100g of final product.

Components: apricot, sugar,
lemon juice, fruits pectin

Νet weight: 235g

Νo preservatives, colours and flavourings.

Nutrition declaration 100g
Energy 276kcal/1157kj
Total fat 0,2g
Saturated fat 0,01g
Sugars 47,6g
Carbohydrate 67g
Dietary fiber 2,1g
Protein 0,46g
Salt 0,04g
Apricot Extra Jam for Kids