Coco Spread

No added sugar!

Don´t discourage the kids from the Coco Spread by Food Surfing. Stop. i´ll clean when i return. Stop. Save some for me (can't wait).

Strictly for happy humans.

Coco Spread

Coco Spread

Ingredients: hazelnut 25%, maltitol, sunflower oil, whey, cocoa, sunflower lecithin

Net weight: 230gr

No added sugar

No colors, fragrances or preservatives

Nutrition declaration 100g
Energy 2016kj / 485kcal
Fat 32,5g
of which saturates 4,11g
Carbohydrate 56,5g
of which sugars 6,25g
Protein 5,06g
Dietary fiber 2,44g
Salt 0,12g
Coco Spread