«There was no doubt on our mother´s face. Calm as the dawn, she spread the homemade cherry jam on our bread. The smell of a mother´s care wafted from our plates. Our dishes small artworks made of red fingerprints; sometimes heart-shaped, sometimes irregular small circles like satellites around the bread. Even after eating our last bite, hours later, the taste of love was still lingering on our palates.»

Cherry Extra Jam

Cherry Extra Jam

Composed of at least 55g of fruit per 100g of jam.
Total sugar content 66g per 100g of final product.

Components: cherry, sugar, lemon juice, fruit pectin

Νet weight: 370g

Without preservatives, colors or flavourings

Nutrition declaration 100g
Energy 1070kj/255kcal
Fat 0,2g
of which saturates 0,01g
Carbohydrate 62g
of which sugars 59g
Dietary fiber 1,95g
Protein 0,6g
Salt 0,04g